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Beware the ides of ROCKTOBER

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My new sounds:

Now you can stream Nile Drown everywhere! And theoretically fund a physical release—by streaming 24/7 for about three years.

(Source: Spotify)

Introducing a band I want to be in. My cute little Italian stallion loverboy Mike is the guitarist/bassist/backing vocalist. The last time I saw him, he let me listen to the instrumental demo tracks while I drove him around my dad’s Chevy Cobalt.

I said something like, “Damn, it Mike. I want to sing and yell and scream to this.”

Mike said something like, “Move to Seattle, dude.”

I said something like, “Maybe I will.”

I moved to Chicago instead.

Boners, dude.”

Stuck in another polar vortex? Dance,

it will warm you up.