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Now you, too, can sing along with me while you’re walking down the street and get the same weird looks I do.

Devo on Friday’s.

In celebration of losing an hour of your life to the ghost of Ben Franklin, here is an enjoyable video by my dad’s favorite band.

The first story I ever wrote

I found this story while cleaning out a cabinet in my old room. It was printed on a dot matrix printer and typed on a Commodore 64. I’m guessing this happened around 1992, making me eight years old. I never knew I had a touch of Gertrude Stein in me as a child. Gertrude Stein and O. Henry.


by Kyle Brown

There was once a boy that had a kite. But one day he lost it. Boy, did it travel!

It started in Dyer, Indiana. Then it blew across Detroit, Michigan. It zoomed by Montreal, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. It slowed down around Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France. The kite whizzed by Athens, Greece. It went gently by the Caspian Sea. It blew low when it went by Moscow, Russia, the Nile River and Cairo, Egypt. It almost landed in Androka, Madagascar and Hong Kong, China. It flew briskly by Tokyo, Japan and Queensland, Australian. Then it blew by the Pacific Ocean. It got in some rain in Honolulu, Hawaii and Santiago, Chile. It blew very fast over the Panama Canal and Mexico City, Mexico. It blew in the Grand Canyon for a long time. It blew very, very high over the Rocky Mountains and Denver, Colorado. It blew very, very slowly over the Mississippi River and Chicago, Illinois. Then it went to Dyer, Indiana. HOME!

The boy was over joyed. But one thing the kite was stuck in a tree but it wasn’t damaged. The boy did not fly that kite again because the next time it might get lost. One thing this happened in just one day.


I’d like to know what atlas I was digging through to find Androka, Madagascar, a small town of 15,000 on the southern tip of the island nation.